Dedicated to helping preserve and enhance the historic architectural heritage
and character in the Vistula Historic District - Toledo, Ohio's first neighborhood.

Cost is $125.00 per person by reservation. Please make payment at time of reservation.

The Historic Vistula Foundation is a volunteer non-profit corporation dedicated to helping preserve and enhance the historic architectural heritage and character of the Vistula Historic District.
Formed in 1837 and bounded by Walnut, Champlain, Chestnut, Magnolia and Summit Streets, Vistula is Toledo's oldest neighborhood. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978.

Toledo's first neighborhood is in the process of being saved one property at a time.

Even though we have saved a few there are many, many more historic homes in danger of being lost.

We need your help in progressing with our new acquisitions and with saving those that still need to be saved.

915 Huron Street was one of the last Second Empire homes in the City.

This home was a primary candidate for preservation but we didn't have the funds to rescue it. After many years in Toledo Municipal Court a demolition order was issued and the building was destroyed in July, 2007.

Your tax deductible contribution to the Historic Vistula Foundation will help support our efforts. If you can't make a donation your support is always welcome for our fundraising activities. Call or send us an email.

The Historic Vistula Foundation is proud to announce that we have saved this wonderful two-story brick storefront on Huron at the corner of Chestnut.

HVF purchased the building from an absentee owner in Illinois who had purchased it, sight unseen, at auction. With the help of the City of Toledo we convinced him that this property should be in the hands of HVF.
The building is cleaned and secured and HVF is offering it for sale for $20,000.00. Funds raised from the sale will be used to purchase other endangered properties.If you are interested in purchasing this property email us.

830 Elm Street is another property that HVF has saved and it is currently undergoing rehabilitation.

It is a single family, 2 Bedroom, 2 bath home on a corner lot. The property will be available when HVF has completed renovations.

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